These mohair throws wear the “Windermere” label.

Manufactured by a company called Masterweave based in Masterton, New Zealand.  Masterweave have over twenty five years of experience with Mohair and produce these high quality mohair throws that are sold through high end speciality stores in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and U.S.A.

With such a selection of colours from neutral “manuka” to the vibrant “turquoise” there is sure to be the one that will fit your decor.  They are also immensely popular as special occasion gifts eg 21sts, weddings and anniversaries.

Care Instructions:

Usually a good shake and airing will dislodge any dirt particles.  If you need to wash your mohair throw firstly soak in tepid water using a mild detergent recommended for washing wool. Then very gently agitate by hand to dislodge dirt particles (do not agitate unduly). Rinse in clean, cool water and hang or lay flat to dry.  Do not tumble dry.

Approx size: 185cm x 130cm with fringed ends

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