Soak in tepid water using a mild detergent recommended for washing wool or even hair shampoo.  Very gently agitate by hand to dislodge dirt particles. Do not agitate unduly. Rinse in clean, cool water. Hang or lay flat to dry (mohair dries quite quickly).  DO NOT TUMBLE DRY

Possum Merino/Merino Lambswool

You’ll find you very rarely have to wash possum merino garments as the possum fur and merino wool resists the absorption of odor.  Note that all garments come with washing instructions attached.

For hand washing rinse using warm water and an approved wool detergent. There is no need to over lather, just a small amount of detergent is needed. Gently rinse well.  You can roll in a towel to absorb water first before laying flat to dry.

If using machine wash use the delicates option only however we have found hand washing garments in warm water as instructed very easy and with no problem.