Treat your feet to the heavenly warmth and feel of what is “The Possum Sock”

The blended fibres of the possum and merino creates a material that is so warm yet durable. These possum socks have the ability to draw moisture away from your feet leaving them feeling fresh and odorless.

Browse and discover:

  • Fine dress socks. A slimmer sock than the rest of the range designed to wear in a dress shoe.
  • House Socks. The alternative to a slipper being double thickness with non slip discs on the base of the sock.
  • The casual sock that is available in over 15 different colours.
  • Stripey socks, groovy fun socks, legwarmers even!

Apart from the dress sock all the range have a blend of 40% possum, 50% merino & 10% nylon.


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Possum Merino Sock 9902 Casual Rib

$32.60 NZD

Possum Merino Sock 9922 Fine Dress

$30.90 NZD

Possum Merino Sock 9953 Multi Coloured Stripe

$33.00 NZD

Possum Merino Socks 9933 House Sock

$76.50 $53.50 NZD

Possum Merino Sock 9920 Trekking

$52.90 NZD

Possum Merino Sock 9943 Koru Pattern

$33.00 NZD

Possum Merino Sock 9895 Accent Stripe

$33.00 NZD

Possum Merino Sock 9921 Health

$60.00 NZD

Possum Merino Sock 9886 Gecko Sock

$40.40 NZD

Possum Merino Socks 9880 Leg Warmers

$47.40 NZD

Boot Sock Possum Merino POS4

$29.90 NZD