Choose from over 30 scarves from this range by Lothlorian!

All scarves are made with a blend of 40% possum, 50% merino & 10% nylon.

Possum fur has very fine, hollow fibers which add to its insulation properties. Polar bears have a similar fur demonstrating how effective a hollow fibre is at warmth retention against the cold.

Being a natural fibre Possum fur also absorbs moisture well, drawing it away from the body into the center of the fibre. These unique Possum fur characteristics mean that it can’t freeze and make it extremely warm.  This is why these scarves are so popular with our customers.

The plain double thickness scarf comes in over 15 different colours and is one of our most popular.  For ease of wear and to add some pizazz the plait cowl is great choice with interlinking chains in 5 different colour duo combinations.

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Possum Merino Scarf 9732 Turn Back

$137.90 NZD

Possum Merino 9876 Bias Scarf

$178.90 NZD

Possum Merino 9891 Horizontal Accent Scarf

$112.90 NZD

Possum Merino Scarf Z009 Double Thickness Scarf

$96.90 NZD

Possum Merino Scarf 9853 Reversible Fern

$114.90 NZD

Possum Merino Scarf 9721 Bobble Keyhole

$52.90 NZD

Possum Merino Scarf 9716 Dash Keyhole

$48.90 NZD

Possum Merino 9711 Tempo Scarf

$117.90 NZD

Possum Merino 9708 Taupo Scarf

$91.90 NZD

Possum Merino Z026 Chain Scarf

$186.90 NZD

Possum Merino Scarf Z024 Spiro

$123.90 NZD

Possum Merino Scarf CK007 Ribbed

$70.90 NZD

Possum Merino Scarf 9951 Striped With Fringing

$96.90 NZD

Possum Merino Scarf 9946 Kiwi Icon Pattern

$90.90 NZD

Possum Merino Scarf 9941 Koru Pattern

$90.90 NZD

Possum Merino Scarf 9917 Sheep

$96.90 NZD