Our children enrich our lives so enrich theirs by cocooning them in warm & cosy possum fur and merino.

This range of kids clothing is designed to be practical but cute.  Choose from gloves, mittens, jumpers, socks, ponchos and vests.

Possum fur has very fine, hollow fibres which add to its insulation properties. The hollow fibre doesn’t just mean that Possum fur is a good insulator, it also means it is amazingly lightweight. When used to create Possum Merino knitwear the combination of Possum in the fabric leads to very lightweight garments.

Being a natural fibre Possum fur also absorbs moisture well, drawing it away from the body into the center of the fiber. These unique Possum fur characteristics mean that it can’t freeze and make it extremely warm.

All of our kids clothing have a combination of 40% possum, 50% merino & 10% nylon.

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