The lustre of mohair fibre is one of it’s most beautiful characteristics.  When dyed it creates the most vibrant of colours.  Here we have a selection of yarn, throws and accessories to browse through.

Firstly our own yarn which is made from kid mohair, the finest you can get.  This is sourced, graded and spun in New Zealand and made into 12ply 50grm balls.  You have over 20 colours to choose from.  The yarn is of the highest quality and is light, soft, durable, warm and doesn’t shed like other brands. We also have our own socks made with kid mohair giving the wearer the enjoyment of warmth, durability and also with the added therapeutic properties, perfect for diabetics or people who suffer from poor circulation.

The extensive colour range applies to the mohair throws made by “Winderemere” There will be a colour to add texture and accent to any decor.  These are available in single size (will fit flat on a double bed) and knee size.



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