Possum & Merino, the perfect blend of natural fibres to create warm, light, durable high end quality products.

We offer the full range of possum & merino products in the Lothlorian catalogue so begin browsing! These include their Zinity and Cosy Kiwi branding.

Women’s Possum Merino clothing offer styles to suit any shape or occasion.  Whether you need a casual zip through jacket to team up with jeans or a luxurious wrap to throw round your shoulders on a chilly evening.

Men, you too have a great range of possum merino clothing to choose from. Maybe team that possum fur jacket with the smart urban beanie and scarf set. We also cater for the “man with the most” styles available in 3xl & 4xl.

Accessories include socks, gloves, scarves, hats and beanies. Styles come in a vast array of different colourways that you can mix & match easily. Looking for groovy check out the new “gecko socks”

All products are 100% NZ made and blended with a mix of 40% Possum, 50% Merino & 10% Nylon (unless stated otherwise).

Lets go shopping!

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Possum Merino Accessory Set Taupo

$163.50 NZD

Possum Merino Blanket 9994 Deluxe

$732.50 NZD

Possum Merino Socks 9933 House Sock

$76.50 $53.50 NZD

CLEARANCE ITEM – Ladies Waterfall Jacket

$322.50 $220.00 NZD

CLEARANCE ITEM – 9803 Tussock Jumper Silver

$257.00 $150.00 NZD

CLEARANCE ITEM – Men’s Shawl Collared Jumper

$295.65 $188.80 NZD

CLEARANCE ITEM – Ladies Cable Jacket

$322.50 $220.00 NZD

Possum Merino Ladies Z142 Grid Jacket

$479.75 NZD

Z144 Possum Merino Linear Cape

$241.50 NZD

Possum Merino Ladies 9995 Takahe Cape

$199.60 NZD

Z143 Possum Merino Ladies Geo Jumper

$232.90 NZD

Z151 Possum Merino Ladies Silo Jumper

$226.50 NZD

Possum Merino Socks 9880 Leg Warmers

$47.40 NZD

Possum Merino Sock 9943 Koru Pattern

$33.00 NZD

Possum Merino Sock 9922 Fine Dress

$30.90 NZD

Possum Merino Sock 9953 Multi Coloured Stripe

$33.00 NZD